Altar Society Tours IHM Convent

Twenty-two women carpooled to the IHM Convent in Colwich, Ks.  The evening started with a walk to the Fatima shrine and prayer.  Mother Mary Magdalene talked about the design and background of the shrine and surrounding property.  The tour continued in the Chapel where the Sisters talked about how the furnishings, statues and stained glass windows were all from other churches that closed. She also gave a brief talk about Our Lady of Fatima, the Sister's Novenas and welcomed all to participate.  The women enjoyed desserts and coffee as Mother introduced the other Sisters and Postulants and shared information about their daily activities.  It was a peace filled evening.  Debbie Sigman commented, "It was an amazing outing.  All the ladies enjoyed it.  What a beautiful facility and a beautiful group of Sisters!"