Offertory Gift Bearers

Julie Guldner, 573-3797

Parisioners present the gifts to the Celebrant during Holy Mass.

Music (Cantor, Instrumental and Choir)

Linda Arensdorf, 773-5524

Provide musical leadership to the congregation at each Sunday Mass and on Holy days. The hymns chosen reflect the message of the readings and enhance our understanding of God’s Word.


Tim and Shannon Collins, 444-0050

Proclaim the Word of God. These individuals should become familiar with the readings for Mass and convey a high reverence for the Liturgy of the Word. 

If you cannot Lector at your scheduled time, please reach out to a minister in the list below to take your place.

pdf Lector Preparation Checklist (86 KB)

pdf Lector guide (62 KB)




Parish Office, 943-4353

Assist in the reverent celebration of Mass by ministering at the altar and participating in liturgical processions. Boys and girls in the 4th -8th grade and high school youth are eligible for this ministry.


Hank and Carol Brenner, 794-8335

Maintain decorum and dignity during the Masses by assisting in the seating of parishioners, taking up the collection, and distributing out bulletins.


Shannon Collins  316-444-0050

Serves as a minister of hospitality at all Sunday and Holyday Masses. They convey a special feeling of warmth and welcome to all that come to Mass.




Brandi Breese, 670-3189

Adoration is a time for private reflection and personal prayer time with the exposed Blessed Sacrament in our Christ the King cry room. It provides an opportunity for unique spiritual growth and nurtures a personal relationship with the Lord. Adorers may sign up for an hour of their choice beginning at 9 am Monday throughout 9 pm Friday.


Dianne Loux  (316) 640-1512

Debbie Muth  (316) 942-5484

The prayerline is a group of volunteers who pledge to pray for the needs of persons of the Parish. When a parishioner contacts a prayer line spokesperson, the phone tree is activated to immediately involve a list of people to pray individually for the person in need. 




Respect Life

Luann Pascal, 943-8734 or Linda Arensdorf, 773-5524

Respect Life promotes activities within the parish related to this effort. Members lead the Rosary for Life each Monday night in the church at 8:15pm and other activities to promote the Gospel of Life.