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                       2019 Altar Society Officers


President:  Connie Huard    Treasurer:  Susan Wetta
Vice-President:  Leslie Ledbetter    Secretary:  Felicia Mayer


  Guild Leaders

Guild #1:  Katie Buresh  Guild #5:  Karen Neises
Guild #2:  Linda Arensdorf        Guild #6:  Martha Fennewald
Guild #3:  Debbie Sigman  Guild #7:  Connie Huard
Guild #4: Irene Bretches 

 Guild #8:  Marcy Moreno / Debbie Sigman     





Past Presidents

Christmas Lights Tour via Party Bus

 "Coffee and Rolls" are served Sundays after 8:00 Mass

 Christmas Party 2017 Paintings

"Lady of Grace' Tea


Beautiful Easter Sanctuary 


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Name Karen Neises
Phone (316) 722-7843