Grand Night Larry Winter  
Deputy Grand Knight Ted Neises  
Chancellor Glenn McCosh  
Recorder  Adam Henderson  
Treasurer Nicholas Oschner  
Warden Stephen Wherrell  
Inside Guard George Corbin  
Outside Guard Ed Ring  
Trustee for One Year Fred Brooks  
Trustee for Two Years Bob Aldrich  
Trustee for Three Years   James Lies  


Officers Meetings - 2nd Wednesdays at 7:00pm in Charity Hall
Membership Meetings - 4th Wednesdays at 7:00pm in Charity Hall 


The Knights of Columbus is a Catholic, Family, Fraternal, Service organization started by Father Micheal J. McGivney in 1882. The Knights were formed to render aid  to it's members and their families through what has become known as the Knights of Columbus life insurance, which is available only to it's members. The Knights of Columbus accepts only practicing Catholic men into their ranks, they stand behind and support the formation of men to the Priesthood, and women to the religious life, and Catholic education. The Knights support pro-life legislation, and the Ultrasound initiative which funds the placement of ultrasound machines in crisis pregnancy centers. The Knights call all Catholic men to a deeper life of faith in the Catholic Church, and service to the Parish, and Priest.





Knights of Columbus members cleaned up their designated roadside area for Adopt a Highway.



Want more information on  the Knights of Columbus? Call Larry Winter at 204-0700, or Chase Manuel at 304-4223

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